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    1. About Us

      Weihai tiger toys Co., Ltd is the founder of simulation and professional manufacturer of plush animal toy...


      Baby Jungle Animal Series

      NameItem No.cminch~pcs/ctnCarton size(cm)baby groveling brown…

      Groveling Jungle Animal Series

      NameItem No.cminch~pcs/ctnCarton size(cm)groveling brown tige…

      Soft-head Animal series

      NameItem No.cminchCarton size ~pcs/ctn(CM)side-lying liones…

      Technology and Innovation

      In the simulation plush toy industry is the world's largest and most productive capacity, the most...


      The product pre-sales consulting and purchase call tiger
      Service hotline
      0631-5208690/5228062(24 hours service)